On this occasion, I will convey the meaning of dream, desire, work and the involvement of the Creator, Greatest of God, in order to obtain a desired result. Only with dreams, passion and spirit, all the future goals and objectives, we can do and achieve in the end.

We should be able to realize a dream be come trus and reflected in a company and the human community which has no doubt of morale, competence and loyalty.

Dream that I pour in the vision, mission and values of the company are the reference or breath of work to every employee; It will produce a productive enterprise, efficient, friendly environment by promoting safety and health. These in accordance with the mandate given to BOD by Shareholders.

But I will also never forget the Creator, Allah SWT that we always expect Allah's permission for each step / activity of the company. Only with Allah's permission, everything we do, will be able to have a benefit for the goodness of human beings. I appreciate all participation of stakeholders either internal and external which give positive contributions to Our Company.

Any direction and input Shareholders, Board of Commissioners are a control and warning in every achievement of corporate goals. Finally, on this opportunity, on behalf of the Board of Directors of PT Petro Jordan Abadi express thank you for all the support, either directly or indirectly so that PT Petro Jordan Abadi be able to stand up and operate as expected.

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